About Us

Herbal medicine traces its origins back through centuries and in recent years have become more popular with greater interest from the western world. Many studies have shown that herbal medicines and treatments can be capable of treating diseases and improving health, often without any significant side effects.

Having a good life doesn’t have to be complicated. Our belief is that by keeping yourself in shape, having a balanced diet, and living life the herbal way can provide a good balance to a complete and healthy life.

Herbal Products Direct is a fully established 100% owned and operated Australian company delivering our customers with the best choice of traditional medicines and vitamins. Our aim is to ensure our customers have a natural choice when they are either looking for pain relief, suffering from common cold and flu symptoms, or just simply looking to boost their immune system and maintain their health.

Our business spans from many decades of traditional health care and alternative therapies with many satisfied customers over the years. We work with our suppliers worldwide to bring you the best products delivered to your door step. Our business is operated from Sydney, Australia and we deliver not only Australia wide, but anywhere in the world using our extensive courier network.

Our ultimate goal is to provide Australia with a large choice of quality traditional and natural health products and to become Australia’s most trusted online natural health supplier. Since we opened our doors we have assisted many of our customers by providing quality health care products. Please take your time to browse through our products and if you have any queries that we can assist with, we welcome you to contact us for any questions.