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For centuries, wild guava has been used in Chinese herbal medicine. De-Tox Guava Tea is made from the wild guava fruits and leaves found in the tropical mountainous regions where the top grade tea is grown. They are selected and processed to ensure quality and efficacy. A rich source of fructose and polyphenol, De-Tox Guava Tea is a supplement to the needs of nutrition and sugar that that is required by the body.

Drink De-Tox Guava Tea everyday to help nourish the body and reduce toxins and high blood sugar. Detox Guava Tea is a teabag made from fruit and young leaves of wild guava. A natural health tea for diabetes in regulating blood glucose, minimizes symptoms of hunger, thirst and frequent urination, improves faligue, and other complication of eyes, legs and kidneys.

Detox Guava tea contains a rich source of fruclose, vitamin C, minerals and fibers, provides a complete nutritional requirements for diabetes. It replenishes vitality, minimises the urination at night, promotes clear vision and balances blood glucose. Taipei Medical Institute and Japan Medical University researches proves the therapeutic effect of guava to help control the blood glucose level.

Can Assist with

  • Regulating blood glucose
  • Minimising symptoms of hunger, thirst and frequent urination
  • Improves fatigue, and other complication of eyes, legs and kidneys.
  • Replenishes vitality, promotes clear vision and balances blood glucose



Put 3-5 teabags into a thermos flask (1 litre capacity) for your daily requirement. For first time users, please take 3 teabags with warm/hot water per day.

Wild Guava Fruit & Leaves

90 tea bags

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