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Product Description

Have you ever had a powerful drink that would not only keep you awake and satisfies all throughout the day? You might be answering this question with a yes while thinking about coffee. Surely, coffee keeps you awake when you need to be but it does leave you with numerous side effects that you don?t want to continually hunt you for day, right? What I?m describing to you is a brand new type of drink with all true and natural components. Even Michael Jordan would be proud of drinking such beverage, not to mention it does hold his number with regard to its compositions. Yes, I have been hinting a great powerful tea under the label of Ho Yan Hor

Ho Yan Hor Benefits

This herbal tea is seen, smelled, drunk and even feel to be quite powerful as it is the only herbal tea that contains 23 blended herbs in a single drink. Believe it or not, it has been within the market and been formulated for almost 60 years! It is widely distributed within Asia and often being used to help children fight off flu-like signs and symptoms. This herbal combination tea contains no preservatives or any artificial flavoring. This is all natural! Ho Yan Hor herbal tea is indicated for provision of relief or cure for the following illnesses: common cold, flu symptoms, indigestion and poor appetite, fever, and nausea, to name a few. Feel the mighty power of natural health as you taste this all-powerful 23 combined herbal tea drink. It is time that you step up into the level of health provision and prevention before it is too late. Start with this healthy Ho Yan Hor herbal tea.

Can Assist with

Relief of the following illnesses: common cold, flu symptoms, indigestion and poor appetite, fever, and nausea



Dissolve 1 packet in 200 - 300ml of hot water. Drink after 3 minutes.

Tea-Common, Chinese Licorice, Self-Heal, gardenia, Beefsteak Plant, Atractylodes (black) rhizome, Weeping Golden Bell, Dark Root, Firld Mint, Hyssop-Wrinkled Giant, Japanese Catnip, Cimicifuga Rhizome, Ledebouriella Root, Rhubarb, Ligusticum Root, Hare's

12 Tea bags

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